Funny Acting BLACK Girl™ : Defined

Funny Acting BLACK Girl™ : Defined

Funny Acting BLACK Girl™ : Defined

Funny Acting Black Girl (n) : The Black girl who is mischaracterized as sometimey when really she's overwhelmed. The Black girl who is called standoffish when really she's introverted. Stuck-up when she's scared. The Black girl who "got an attitude" when, in actuality, she's hungry. The Black girl who is mischaracterized as socially-awkward when she's actually cerebral. The Black girl who is mischaracterized as FUNNY ACTING when really she's experiencing anxiety.

Funny Acting BLACK Girls:

1) Are thee most loyal beings on the planet.

2) Once you're in good with one, don't phuk it up. They really ain't the ones you wanna anger. Their hearts are far too sacred to be played with.

3) Are softies deep down, but they don't want nobody to know that. If they give you access to that part of themselves, see #2.

4) Understanding a funny acting Black girl is like learning to play spades. Usually spades players grew up in card playing environments. Their mama played. Their grandma played. Their aunties played. Or they learned in college...usually an HBCU.

Point is, you are never formally taught to play spades. You just kind of eventually know how to play. Likely by faking it for a while and praying to Jesus Jamal Christ that no one can tell you don't know WTF you doing.

Similarly, how does one become friends with a funny acting Black girl? Just like Tommy's job title on Martin...No one knows! It wasn't formal. One minute you were out, the next minute you were in. Don't try and figure it out. Just roll with it. Many people wanna be where you are, so...SEE #2.

5) Always see #2

6) They're often the most hurting people on the planet. Really. They've been through some shit. Their eyes tell it all. And they let you in still. See #2.

7) Whether or not they would all get along can be tough to gauge. But interestingly, most funny acting Black girls get along with each other. They're like a crew of funny actingness. Usually with one less funny acting friend to keep some semblance of balance.

8) Don't forget #9

9) See #2

10) They're BLACK.

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