Funny Acting BLACK Girl™: The Origin Story

On August 18, 2021, the creator of Funny Acting Black Girl™ posted this post to IG and it went viral in a very special way. Not numerically, but engagement-wise it was one of the most connecting, unifying and "OMG me too" posts to date.

It got deep. It got surface. We laughed. We cried. We tagged other Funny Acting Black Girls in. We even called our Funny Acting Black mamas and read the post to them! It was hands-down one of the most resonant posts on said IG page.

We had found our tribe. OH TO BE SEEN! We were a bunch of Black girls who have been called things like sometimey, saddity, stuck up, bitch, standoffish (and of course FUNNY ACTING) more times than we care to count. The phrase "Funny Acting Besties" even emerged!

Now, while we absolutely own and love being "funny acting", we understand that how it's typically weaponized at us is dehumanizing and incomplete. There's a reason we are this way and...we are more than this way.

The new Funny Acting BLACK Girl™ Besties then began asking for merch. But because the creator of Funny Acting BLACK Girl™ stay doing the most, she decided to give the people more. Because Black girls deserve all the things.

So, while there is merch, there's also an IG page, a FB page, a forthcoming blog, and maybe even a podcast. But most importantly: a budding Funny Acting BLACK Girl™ community.

(OAN, the kid also had to get Funny Acting BLACK Girl™ trademarked before launching because people love to steal intellectual property!)