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There are moments a Funny Acting Black Girl must "sip tea"...out of a mug...a Black mug...a Black mug with bold thick letters.

Sometimes it's because a friend has told her something piping hot.

Sometimes it's to avoid saying what is on her mind because somebody's child would end up crying.

Sometimes it's because that's all she can do to avoid going clean dafuq off.

Sometimes it's to avoid being labeled things like rude, sometimey, boujie or stuck up.

So...she just sips her hot beverage and spares everyone's feelings.

Basically our brand is saving the planet.

Product Information:

  • Classic Black Ceramic Mug
  • 11 oz.
  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe

Black ceramic mug with your choice of one of four lettering colors. 

  • Soft Red/Blush Tone
  • Dark Yellow/Olive Tone
  • Dark Blue
  • Greyish Green

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