The mission of FUNNY ACTING BLACK GIRL: THE MISCHARACTERIZED BLACK GIRL BRAND is to create clothing that generate conversation about the various ways that Black girls are misunderstood & mischaracterized by presenting a more expansive (thus humanizing) view. 

This collection highlights how Black girls are mischaracterized via our zodiacs. Our goal via this collection is to expand the mischaracterization in an attempt to humanize The Funny Acting Black Girl. For this collection, we have identified some common zodiac stereotypes and, in turn, created a FUNNY ACTING BLACK GIRL REFRAME for all 12 zodiacs. 


Gemini: You are symbolized by the celestial twin who is said to have been interested in so many pursuits that it had to double itself. 

Because of this intrinsic duality, you are often misrepresented as two-faced. 

FUNNY ACTING BLACK GIRL REFRAME: At Funny Acting Black Girl, we don't like this mischaracterization. Sure, at times you may indeed be two-faced. But we believe a more expansive view is that you are the personification of duality. You are capable of embodying and existing in the both/and seamlessly.

You are intellectually curious, but in a distinct way. Your curiosity has hints of noetic notes to it. Which is why your interests are so vast and so diverse. Boxes don't work for you, Gemini. 

A deeper perspective is that you thrive in spaces where you can ideate. It allows for an indulgence of your blazing curiosity. You are most satiated in roles where you can move fluidly from one idea to the next. You cannot be forced into having just one or two interests.

If we are in a 60-minute staff meeting and someone at minute 55 raises their hand with a bright idea that is sure to shift the entire situation, "someone at minute 55" prolly gon be a Gemini. Y'all are the kings and queens of bright ideas. Just don't ask y'all to execute said idea. Leave that to a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius. The "doers" of the zodiac. The ones who tend to carry out a vision. Just being honest. 

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